Laboratory Microwaves

Laboratory Microwave Technology:

Employing Microwave technology in your Lab is far easier than the pundits would have you believe and will be of greater benefit than you can imagine.  Whether you become an all microwave Lab or add Microwave processing for Stats, overflow and myriad other applications, the benefits will be numerous.

LabPulse, Laboratory Microwave Processors WILL:

  • Fix, Process, Stain and Decalcify tissue, in a fraction of the time of any other method or Processor.
  • Provide greater throughput than any other processor on the market for samples up to 3mm.
  • Reduce reagent use.
  • Eliminate the need for Xylene in your processing.
  • Allow a 50% reduction in your use of Xylene and Alcohol for H&E staining.
  • Open the door to using many safe and environmentally friendly alternative fixatives and clearing agents.
  • Provide an opportunity to drastically improve the quality of your fatty tissue processing.

LabPulse, Laboratory Microwave Processors WILL NOT:

  • Reduce slide quality in any way
  • Damage or degrade specimen antigenicity
  • Adversely impact IHC or molecular downstream testing
  • Slow or disrupt your Lab’s workflow

Cost Savings

LabPulse Microwaves process tissue far more efficiently and cost effectively than any other Tissue Processor.

  • Reagent Use: The amount of reagent used is directly proportional to the volume of samples being processed
  • No Xylene: Beyond Fixation, LabPulse Microwave Processors use only Alcohols and Paraffin to process tissue with no Xylene clearing steps required
  • Flexibility: LabPulse Microwave Processors perform the following critical Lab Functions, all in a fraction of the time required by conventional methods.
    • Fixation
    • Dehydration
    • Infiltration
    • Special Stains
    • Immunohistochemistry
    • Slide Drying
    • Antigen Retrieval
    • Decalcifications

Time Savings


  • EBS Microwave Tissue Processors are the fastest Processors on the market, period.
  • Only an EBS Microwave Tissue Processor can process 74 biopsies in <20 minutes. No other Tissue Processor even comes close
  • Automation does not necessarily equal speed.
  • EBS’ patented Polar Heat Sheets allow ultra-fast Microwave paraffin infiltration

Tissue Processing Times

SamplesLabPulse MicrowaveConventional Processing
Process Small Biopsies
16-35 Minutes2-4 Hours
Process 1-3 mm Sections1 Hour4-6 Hours
Process Thick, Fatty Sections
2-3 Hours8+ Hours (Overnight)
Special Stains
1-20 Minutes

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Time Saving Examples

Fixed Small Biopsies: GI, prostate, cervical material, etc.:

Traditional Tissue Processor
80% alcohol20 minutes
80% alcohol20 minutes
95% alcohol20 minutes
95% alcohol20 minutes
100% alcohol20 minutes
100% alcohol20 minutes
100% alcohol20 minutes
Xylene20 minutes
Xylene20 minutes
Paraffin20 minutes
Paraffin20 minutes
TOTAL 3 hr. 40 min.

Microwave Tissue Processor
SolutionTemperature ⁰CTime
100% alcohol675 minutes
Isopropanol743 minutes
Paraffin 743 minutes
Paraffin 825 minutes
TOTAL16 minutes

Routine Specimens (with Preserve® Fixation Step):(1 – 3 mm thick)

Traditional Tissue Processor 
Fixative2 hours
95% alcohol1 hours
95% alcohol1 hours
100% alcohol1 hours
100% alcohol1 hours
Xylene1 hours
Xylene1 hours
Paraffin1 hours
Paraffin1 hours
Paraffin1 hours
Paraffin20 minutes
TOTAL 11 hr. 20 min.

Microwave Tissue Processor  
SolutionTemperature _CTime
Preserve5516 minutes
100% alcohol678 minutes
Isopropanol748 minutes
Paraffin748 minutes
Paraffin8428 minutes
TOTAL68 Minutes

Staining Protocols

Fontana Masson Staining timelines

Traditional Staining 
Nuclear Fast Red5 minutes @ room temperature
Silver Nitrate1 hour @ 60_C in oven or waterbath

Microwave Staining  
Nuclear Fast RedHigh30 Seconds
Silver NitrateHigh45 Seconds, let stand in hot sol for 10 minutes

Masson Trichrome Staining timelines

Traditional Staining 
Bouins1 hour @ 56_C or overnight @ room temperature
Biebrich Scarlet-Acid Fuchsin15 minutes @ room temperature
PMA/PTA10 to 15 minutes @ room temperature
Aniline Blue10 to 20 minutes @ room temperature

Microwave Staining  
BouinsHigh15 Seconds, let stand in hot sol for 10 minutes
Biebrich Scarlet-Acid FuchsinHigh20 Seconds
PMA/PTAHigh20 Seconds, let stand in hot sol for 2 minutes
Aniline BlueHigh20 Seconds, let stand in hot sol for 1 minute



LabPulse Microwave Selection Table

Interior Dimensions14.5”(w) 9.25”(h)14.5”(d) 
14.5”(w) 9.25”(h)14.5”(d)14.1”(w)8.75”(h)16.1”(d)14.1”(w)8.75”(h)16.1”(d)
Exterior Dimensions22”(w)13.5”(h)24”(d) 


Power Level Control5 SettingsDial-inProgrammableProgrammable
Stored Protocols20204040
Active Ventilation System✔︎✔︎✔︎✔︎
Power Balance System✔︎✔︎✔︎✔︎
CAP/OSHA Compliant✔︎✔︎✔︎✔︎
User Safety Interlocks✔︎✔︎✔︎✔︎
Sample Safety Interlocks✔︎✔︎
Variable Reagent Agitation✔︎✔︎✔︎
Fine Temperature Control✔︎✔︎
Multi-Step Protocols✔︎✔︎
Integral Vacuum Function✔︎
Multiple Operating Modes✔︎
Ultra-Rapid Tissue Processing✔︎
Made in the USA✔︎✔︎✔︎✔︎
Standard 1-Year WarrantyŸŸŸ✔︎
Premium 5-Year WarrantyOptionalOptional