Axcelis Electron Shower Filaments.

Benefits of our 5 and 7 prong Electron Shower Filaments

  • Made in America
  • Less expensive than OEM
  • 5 and 7 prong options available
  • Large orders available
  • High Quality
  • Fit many Axcelis and Eaton Ion Implantation Tools

Our 5 and 7 prong Electron Shower Filaments are the best value on the market. We break the mold at EBSciences by providing a high quality product, made in America, at a lower cost than the OEM.

At EBSciences we strive to be your partner, and provider of efficient, high quality, low cost parts for all kinds of fabrication tools and equipment. Call or email us to inquire further about this product. We look forward to serving you as our loyal, and respected customer.

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