Energy Beam Sciences keeps many Technovit Plastic Embedding Supplies in our inventory.

Technovit Plastic Embedding Supplies include:

  • Powders
  • Cures
  • Molds
  • Trays
  • Forms
  • Knife Holders
  • Histoblades
  • And More…

Our Plastic Embedding Supplies are the perfect tool set for preparing tissue to be used by our brand new, top of the line, easily serviceable, Rotary Microtome, which is currently on sale. Together these supplies and our Microtome make your Histology lab the fastest at delivering diagnoses, and the most cost efficient, giving you the edge your business needs to thrive.

Energy Beam Sciences is the U.S. importer and master distributor of Technovit products. Save money and time by buying directly from us.

For Special orders, or package deals, please call us at 800-922-9037, or email us at We look forward to making your Histology Lab, the best it can be.

If you are interested in becoming a distributor of our products. email Cindy at

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Technovit 3040 Kit


Technovit 7100 Kit


Technovit 2000 LC (1000ml)


Technovit 4071 Powder 1000g


Technovit 4071 Liquid


Technovit 2000 LC – Technotray Power


Insert for Embedding Mold, 25mm (Package of 3)


Technovit Universal Liquid (Hazardous Material)


Histoblades H (Package of 50)


Histoblock for Histoforms S & Q (Package of 100)


Technovit 4021 Powder


Technovit 4021 Liquid


Technovit 4021 Sample


Technovit 2021 LC FAST


Knife Holder (17cm)


PE-Embedding Mold, 25mm (Package of 3)


Technovit 2000 LC CURE


Technovit 3040 Powder (1000g or 2000g)


Technovit 8100 Kit GMA


Technovit 2000 LC Fixing Paste


Technovit 2000 LC ABDECKLACK


Technovit 4021 Package


Histoform S & Q Teflon Embedding Forms


Technovit 2060 Powder (1000gr)