Scintillator, P-47 coated for ARL


19.9mm x 7.3mm thick

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Scintillator, P-47 coated for ARL, 19.9mm x 7.3mm thick.

*Lead time 6 to 8 weeks.

P-47 Powder Scintillators

Research and development has resulted in production of a P-47 coated scintillator on a glass disc for secondary electron detection. The use of P-47 (Y1Si2O7:Ce3) produces a scintillator which lasts longer, and the use of glass as a support material gives a signal output 2-4 times higher than that of plastic. The P-47 coated scintillator offers the following advantages:

  • Constant high quality
  • High signal output
  • Long durability
  • No vacuum contamination
  • No Al-coating
  • Bakeable up to 265?C
  • Indefinite shelf-life