Axcelis Electron Shower Filament (7-leg)


7-Leg Electron Shower Filament for various Axcelis and Eaton Ion Implant tools.



Our Axcelis Electron Shower Filament 7-Leg fits both Axcelis and Eaton applications. Mass ordering is available. Click the following link for our 5-leg Axcelis Electron Shower Filaments

Benefits of our Axcelis Electron Shower Filament (7-Leg):

  • Made in America
  • High Quality
  • Less Expensive than OEM
  • Also Fits Eaton Applications

Please refer to the following part numbers when relaying information for orders or placing an order.

EN1909360 Axcelis, 7-leg Filament, Electron Shower

Eaton Part # 1909360

Axcelis Part # 1909360

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