CAMEO DISK Platinium type1, 250 mm mag.




The first step that is undertaken when samples are prepared is to flat or pregrind their surface. Depending on the sample type and its material properties, pre-grinding is performed with conventional SiC paper. With its diamond-coated CAMEO Platinium I-IV disks, Kulzer provides a system that saves a lot of time when performing this process and one that ensures that material is removed evenly. CAMEO DISKS Platinium replaces a large number of individual SiC papers and ensures that every material is ideally prepared for subsequent processing steps.
The properties of the diamond-coated disk enable a high level of material to be removed when working on a surface with an even structure and enables subsequent grinding and polishing procedures to be performed within the shortest time. Due to its unique surface structure, the CAMEO DISKS Platinium are suitable for pre-grinding metallographic and mineralogical samples such as medium-hard to very hard materials. The range of materials that can be processed with the CAMEO DISK Platinium includes steel, hard metal, ceramics parts and various composites. The CAMEO DISK Platinium can either be used in automatic or manual grinding machines. To assure an optimal stock removing, it is necessary to use the CAMEO rubbing brick regularly. The intervals depend on the material type and the amount of treated specimens.
Mainly water is used as a lubricant in this pre-polishing stage. In case of extremely damageable specimen it is possible to exchange water with a noncorrosive fluid.

  • CAMEO DISK Platinium Type 0 corresponds to grain-size 80
  • CAMEO DISK Platinium Type 1 (Blue) corresponds to grain-size 120 – 180
  • CAMEO DISK Platinium Type 2 (Green) corresponds to grain-size 220 – 320
  • CAMEO DISK Platinium Type 3 (Yellow) corresponds to grain-size 600
  • CAMEO DISK Platinium Type 4 (Red) corresponds to grain-size 1200
200 mm, 230 mm, 250 mm, 300 mm

  • long service life
  • fast and even material removal
  • suitable for nearly all materials
  • easy to clean
  • MS-Disc and X LAM compatible
  • replaces a large number of SiC papers
  • less and faster changeover times
  • low stock requirements
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