JEOL JSM 35 Series Filaments


AR-JE/9-R, CL-JE/9-R

Loop Type

CL-JE/9, AR-JE/9

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In independent testing, Energy Beam Sciences Tungsten Filaments have consistently demonstrated usable life of up to 2 times that of OEM and other competitors Filaments.

Energy Beam Sciences only offers our Refurbishing Service for the JEOL JSM 35 Series Filaments. They can be refurbished with the Standard Loop or Energy Beam Sciences AR Loop.

Energy Beam Sciences offers AR and Standard loop filaments that provide superior performance under the most demanding applications. Please call our e-Beam product specialist to discuss which filament type best suits your application.

Type AR
The Energy Beam Sciences exclusive AR tip represents the state of art in filament technology. This special loop was developed for applications which demand the ultimate in mechanical stability and operating life. It is particularly recommended for use in multi-user environments and teaching laboratories. Its etched taper loop configuration and unique tip geometry enhance contrast and brightness, even at low kV. We can provide the AR loop mounted on most filament bases. Whatever your application, you should see enhanced performance with the AR loop, when compared with the standard loop filament supplied by the EM equipment manufacturer.

Type Standard

Energy Beam Sciences Standard Loop Tungsten Filaments are designed to conform to Original Equipment Manufacturers’ specifications across the industry. Our filaments are individually manufactured with careful attention to detail, maintainingtheir precise tip geometry and using superior assembly techniques and stringent quality control for consistency and dependability in even the most demanding applications. At Energy Beam Sciences, we offer cost effective, reliable solutions for these and all of your EM consumable needs. Please call our e-Beam product specialist today to find out more about our quality products!

Filament Refurbishing Service

Filament refurbishing services include:

  • Incoming bases are 100% inspected.
  • Remove existing tungsten loop.
  • Grind welds from post.
  • Thoroughly clean and reconditioning all base components.
  • Form new Tungsten loop and weld to posts.
  • Center filament loop on a profile projector.
  • Vacuum annealing.
  • Preform final inspection using microscope and profile projector.

Please send filaments for refurbishing to:

Energy Beam Sciences, 29B Kripes Road, East Granby, CT 06026

Estimated lead time for refurbished filaments is roughly four weeks from time bases received.