LabPulse General Purpose Laboratory Microwave


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Our most affordable general-purpose laboratory microwave oven ever, featuring high-performance fume extraction. Excellent for general laboratory use (slide drying, histology staining, etc.).

LP1850 features:

  • (5) built-in calibrated power settings
  • Stainless steel interior & exterior for easy maintenance, long life
  • Digital countdown timer, accurate to 1 second


  • 8′ Ventilation Hose
  • User’s Manual
  • Microwave Companion

All our microwaves feature:

  • High-performance vent system with standard 4 output; connect to fume hood or vent stack
  • Microwave stirrers (no carousel necessary) for even microwave distribution, no hot spots
  • User friendly controls, icon-based functions
  • Tall chambers, for tall containers and vessels
  • Illuminated interiors with stain-resistant ceramic floors
  • One year parts & labor warranty
  • USA manufacture; FCC compliance
  • Also: help meet CAP ANP.29430, OSHA 29CFR 1910.303(b)(2), NCCLS GP28-P guidelines

LP1850 Specifications:

  • Exterior dimensions: 22″w x 13.5″h x 23 9/16″d
  • Interior dimensions: 14.5″w x 9.25″h x 14.5″d
  • Weight: 70 lbs.
  • Power output: 840W
  • Input power: 15A at 120v nominal
  • Vent system output: 100cfm
  • Presets available: 20
  • Number of power settings:5

Download the General Purpose Microwave Sell Sheet

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Download the Microwave Companion for Histology