MET Thermal Field Emission (Schottky) Cathode (MET-C)


Technical data:

  • Model: MET-C
  • Compatible: Denka TFE 174C,  FEI 128xx
  • Instruments: FEI, Philips, Zeiss, Tescan,
  • Operating temperature: ≤ 1850K. 1800K recommended.
  • Filament current at 1800K: ≤ 2.4A
  • Operating pressure: ≤ 1.3×10-6Pa (1×10-8Torr). 7×10-7Pa (2×10-9Torr) recommended.
  • Tip radius: 4 to 0.7µm. Standard tolerance +/- 0.05µm.
  • Cone Angle: >15°



  • Please provide required tip radius when ordering. Enter information in “Order Notes” box at checkout.
  • Contact Energy Beam Sciences sales division for information about Cathodes with tip radius of <0.4µm or >0.7µm. To contact us directly call (800) 992-9037 or email