New X-Ray Filaments for Nikon, X-Tek and Zeiss Systems





New X-Ray filaments for Nikon X-Tek and Zeiss systems

These are Long-Life Tungsten Filaments for X-Tek, Nikon, and Zeiss X-Ray Systems.

These X-Ray inspection systems are used in a variety of industries such as:

  • Automatove
  • Aerospace
  • Medical
  • Electronics
  • Universities/Research
  • Material Analysis
  • Additive Manufacturing

If you are an OEM or a distributor, we can help you!


  • Quality of the product
  • Speed up delivery
  • Reduce your price…and more!

As with every one of our X-Ray Filaments, these are produced from the purest grade of Tungsten available and are built to the highest standards in the Industry. Every Energy Beam Sciences X-Ray Filament Precision Formed, then carefully centered to within a very low tolerance. They are then Vacuum Annealed at their proper operating temperature. This carefully controlled Process stress relieves the Filaments and identifies any imperfections in the Tungsten Wire that could cause the filament to move during use. The result is that only those Filaments that are perfectly stable through the Annealing Process are packaged and shipped to our customers. You can be assured that once installed and aligned in your X-Ray gun, every EBS Filament will maintain rock solid stability, perform flawlessly and deliver extra-long life. We guarantee it.

In independent testing, Energy Beam Sciences VS-XR Tungsten Filaments have consistently demonstrated usable life of up to 2 times that of OEM and other competitors Filaments.

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