Rotary Microtome


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This REVOLUTIONARY New Microtome represents another monumental innovation from the Design Engineers at Energy Beam Sciences! LabPulse Medical is a division of Energy Beam Sciences, Inc., a world leader in Pathology Lab technology for over 20 years. The Microtome is a solid and smooth cutting instrument, in the spirit of the famed JB-4 Plastic Cutting Microtome, for which Energy Beam Sciences was famous. With the addition of an easily removable Saver Panel, this Microtome is all about efficiency, saving your Lab money and keeping your Technicians productive.

Built-in Savings: The LP1950 is the first ever Microtome without the need for a service contract to perform routine maintenance. The difference is our Saver Panel, an easily removable top panel that allows access to all of the Microtomes inner components by simply removing 4 screws. Lift off the Saver Panel and you can routinely and easily clean, lubricate and adjust the Microtome, per the simple, easy to follow instructions provided. If a problem does arise, you will most likely be able to spot it early and correct it, before costly and time-consuming repairs become necessary.

Maximize Productivity: How many times have your Techs had to stop cutting and change microtomes, because their unit doesnt feel right, is making a clicking sound or any of a hundred other reasons. You then put in a service call and wait days for a repair Tech arrive, only to then learn that an internal screw came loose or some other simple to prevent or repair problem has occurred. Avoid these situations completely with the LP1950 Microtome with Saver Panel design. At the first sign of a problem, just remove the top cover, see for yourself what is happening, make a quick repair or adjustment and get back to business!