Technotherm 4000, 1 x 1300 g




Technotherm 4000 is a highly transparent hot mounting resin and consists of a very fine powder component. The fineness of the powder means that the material melts rapidly, giving Technotherm 4000 excellent flowability.
Field of application
Technotherm 4000 offers outstanding transparency – even if several layers are applied to a sample. In comparison with competitive products from the same price range, Technotherm 4000 has been proved to achieve a tighter fit around the sample by 40 %. Technotherm 4000 enables users to employ a wide range of different settings on the warm embedding machine without affecting the material’s properties.
The material cures in all standard hot mounting machines at the following settings:
150 – 160 °C
50 – 60 bar in
8 – 12 minutes
Technotherm 4000 can be used without any previous knowledge of its mode of application!
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