Technovit 2000 LC Fixing paste, 4 g




The light curing resin for sensitive samples

Light curing is the most protective way to prepare your specimen for further preparation seeing that it involves curing under cold blue light. The curing temperature is approximately 90 °C and can be lowered to 50 °C with the help of a radiation program.

Thus, light curing embedding is significantly colder than the “classic” cold embedding. The low polymerisation temperature and the high transparency of our light-curing resins are indispensable particularly for the examination or the preparation of sensitive micro-parts and temperature-sensitive materials.
The Technovit® 2000 LC system consists of a light curing embedding resin, a covering varnish, a fixing paste, the Technotray CU light curing device and the special for these application syntonised embedding forms. These components and their functions are ideally adapted to one another.
The latest generation of Technovit 2000 LC is again significantly improved in all key characteristics:
  • Less health burdened – By improving the formulation
  • Reducing the thermal stress – Even better protection of sensitive samples
  • Reducing the viscosity – Better penetration into porous surfaces and micro-holes
  • Higher final hardness – Optimization of polishing and flatness
  • Increased transparency and reduced smear layer – For optical high-quality specimens
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