Technovit 3040 Powder (1000g or 2000g)




1000g, 2000g



Technovit 3040, 1000g and 2000g Powder.

Technovit 3040 powder is a two-component resin based on methyl methacrylate and consists of a powder and a liquid component. It can be supplied in yellow and black.

Why using Technovit 3040

  • The sample is too large or heavy for testing by a laboratory
  • The sample must be tested without being destroyed
  • The area to examined is difficult to access
  • For measuring of wear
  • To measure initial samples and prototypes

Technovit3040 enables you

  • To take impressions for indirect surface testing
  • To preserve and archive the condition of surfaces
  • To create negative moulds with silicone or plaster
  • To re-create positive moulds by using the double-mould procedure (To do so, Technovit3040 can be ideally used in combination with Provil Novo silicones)
Depending on the required consistency and general requirements, the material can be mixed at a ratio of 1:1 up to 3:1 (powder/liquid). Once it has been mixed, Technovit3040 can be poured for approx. 2 minutes, and afterwards it is still kneadable for approx. 30 seconds. Technovit 3040 takes approx. 5 minutes to cure. This allows sufficient time to apply the material in order to make a mould and to make a cast of areas that are difficult to get to on vertical objects and for work that is performed overhead. When taking impressions of vertical or overhead surfaces, it is advisable to pour Technovit 3040 onto a PE or Hostaphan film. As soon as the material has thickened, it is pressed onto the surface from which the impression is to be taken and then fixated.

Practical information

  • Impressions of larger areas should be taken by applying several layers to keep the polymerisation temperature low and hence prevent pores from forming within the impression material
  • Modelling a handle makes it easier to remove the impression from the original
  • Impressions should have a minimum thickness of 5 mm to prevent even marginal distortion when the impression is removed
  • Complicated geometric shapes should be pre-treated with a conventional silicone or Teflon spray (please observe the processing instructions of the respective manufacturers).


  • Impression accuracy1 m
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Can be detached easily
  • Can be mixed at different ratios
  • Impressions can be analyzed with roughness measurement devices or non-contact measuring methods


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