TECHNOVIT 4002 IQ, powder white, 13.000 G




Technovit® 4002 IQ – The absolute gap and shrink-free 2-component resin
Material properties
Technovit® 4002 IQ is based on a modified polyester consisting selectively of a fast or slow powder component (different curing and pot times) and a liquid.
The application areas cover the full material range with the most diverse geometric shapes where top quality as regards margin fit, grinding and polishing are required.
2 Powder Components
For an even larger implementation range
Technovit 4002 IQ white (slow powder approx. 12 – 17 min.), offers adequate pot time, e.g. to infiltrate porous surfaces.
Technovit 4002 IQ green (faster powder approx. 9 – 15 min.), serves more rational specimen preparation and saves time.
Both powder varieties are easy to moisten, creating a homogenous mass without air pockets.
Special properties

  • Gap-free embedding
  • No polymerization shrinkage
  • Excellent edge definition
  • Excellent grinding and polishing properties
  • Simple handling
  • Less thermal stress compared to other customary embedding resins
  • Extremely fine powder components – very good mould filling behaviour
  • Various curing times are selectable
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