Technovit 4071 Powder 1000g



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Technovit 4071 Powder 1000g.

Technovit 4071 is a fast curing, two-component embedding resin based on highly cross-linked methyle methacrylate in the form of powder.
Material properties
Technovit 4071 is a fast universal embedding resin. The obvious advantages of this material are its ease of use and high flexibility regarding mixing ratios, its excellent flowability and its fast polymerisation time, which is less than 5 minutes. Because of these properties, Technovit 4071 is used in standardized in-process inspections, which have to be performed rapidly during a manufacturing process.
Technovit 4071 can be employed in a variety of ways and is very suitable for routine work procedures due to its fast polymerisation time, which amounts to approx. 4 6 minutes. It can be mixed at ratios of 1:1 up to 3:1 of powder/liquid depending on the respective requirements and the required flow properties. We recommend a mixing ratio of 2:1 when used at room temperature.

Special properties

  • Short polymerisation time
  • Easy to use