Technovit 7100 Kit





Technovit 7100 Embedding Kit.

When sections of embedded materials need to be performed in m thickness, Technovit 7100 always is THE material of your choice. Originally developed to be used in histology, Technovit 7100 embedding kit also has proven its efficiency in industrial use due to its universal application possibilities.

Application fields are embeddings and sections of e. g.

  • Plastics
  • Foils
  • Paper
  • Textiles
  • Biological products
  • Mounts and wires
Material properties
Whenever material samples are microtomed for light microscopic examinations, the fast and practical handling of Technovit 7100 offers various application possibilities. The specimen can be cut with the disposable Histoknife H, a reasonably-priced alternative of high quality. The preparation of this type of specimen differs only little from the preparation of medical specimen. In some cases, e.g. with plastics or foils, infiltration in preparatory liquid is not necessary.

Tips and tricks for the embedding of tissue samples that are not of medical nature

  • For paper and textiles an infiltration in preparatory liquid with vacuum is recommended.
  • Biological preparations are handled like medical ones (fixated, dehydrated and subsequently infiltrated).
  • Materials less sensitive to heat than tissues also can be embedded as larger specimen.


*Hazardous Material Handling Fee Applies

*Please note a FEDEX $40.00 hazardous material handling fee has been added to the price.