X-Ray Filaments for CR Technology, CRX-1000





We manufacture new X-Ray Filaments for CR Technology, CRX-1000 open gun X-Ray Systems.

These are Energy Beam Sciences OEM Grade Filaments built specifically for use in CRX-1000 open gun X-Ray Systems from CR Technology. Since CR Technology is no longer in business, we are happy to fulfill your filament needs. With the CRX-1000 open gun X-Ray Systems you are able to replace the Filaments yourself.

Please note, the X-Ray Filaments are not compatible with the CRX-2000 closed X-Ray System as it is a closed system and the Filaments cannot be accessed.

These high-resolution X-Ray systems are used in industries such as:

  • Printed circuit board assembly
  • Advanced semiconductor-packaging

Product Specifications

X-Ray Filaments for CR Technology, CRX-1000 open gun X-Ray Systems.
Standard AEI White Ceramic
Standard AR Loop
6 Mil Tungsten/Rhenium


Our Promise

As with every one of our X-Ray Filaments, we produce from the purest grade of tungsten available and build to the highest standards in the industry. At Energy Beam Sciences we precision form every X-Ray Filament, and carefully center it to within a very low tolerance. We vacuum anneal each X-Ray Filament at their proper operating temperature. As a result, this carefully controlled process stress relieves the Filaments and identifies any imperfections in the tungsten wire that could cause the filament to move during use. We only deliver to our customers those Filaments that are perfectly stable through the annealing process. You can be assured that once installed and aligned in your X-Ray gun, every EBS Filament maintains rock solid stability, performs flawlessly and delivers extra-long life. We guarantee it.

In independent testing, Energy Beam Sciences VS-XR Tungsten Filaments consistently demonstrates usable life of up to 2 times that of OEM and other competitors Filaments.

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