Mike Nesta

President and CEO

Mike Nesta joined Energy Beam Sciences, Inc. in 2000 as General Manager and has been CEO and President, since 2005. Building upon the company’s 50-year history and reputation for quality, Mike has fostered a culture of innovation, improvement and industry-leading expertise that has generated growth in the company’s core businesses and opened new market channels. His corporate vision is focused on the evolving needs of customers, specifically the needs of scientists, engineers, physicians, manufacturers and their teams, who are engaged in the use of electron and microwave energy in research and development, high tech manufacturing, and medical research and diagnostics.

Mike’s leadership is founded in an understanding that Energy Beam Sciences will excel in its markets by maintaining an in-depth understanding of customer needs and applying leading edge science to meet those needs with only the best, highest value products, technologies and services available. This focus on continuous improvement has led to many industry-leading innovations, including the company’s LabPulse lab, designed specifically for point of care Pathology; PolarHeat® sheets for microwave processing paraffin; PreStain®, environmentally friendly Xylene substitute; Extra Life filaments for e-beam welding and drilling and many others.

A perennial innovator, Mike appears on multiple US patents and patents pending, including the most recent, Rapid Tissue Processing System. This system is designed to process patient tissue at the point of care, immediately after excision.  Its purpose is to produce FFPE tissue specimens before time has reduced their antigenicity, thereby providing maximum information for companion diagnostics and personalized medicine..