For over 40 years, Energy Beam Sciences has supported scientists, physicians, engineers and business people in their important work. We are pleased that many of our clients have made a special effort to acknowledge our commitment to excellence in the design and manufacture of energy beam products and innovations. Following are a few of those.

Great Support

“I wanted to say thank you very much for the great support you have provided in regards to the filaments for our LEO 1430.”

Gregory Fritz
Manager, Microanalysis and Research Software, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Confident Leadership

“When I worked with EBS (while with Sigma-Aldrich), Mike Nesta had a knack for making the difficult look easy. He is extremely bright and his laid back leadership style inspires confidence and gets things done.”

Mark Frei
Formerly of, Sigma Aldridge Co.

Reliable & Responsive

“We have worked with other (filament manufacturers) in the past, but Energy Beam Sciences people understand our business better. Large orders, small orders, they have been very flexible. They are very attentive to our needs!”

Marlon Contreras
Cambridge Vacuum Engineering

Ingenuity At It’s Best

“When our supplier suddenly and permanently ran out of filaments for our rare MG electron beam welder (MG long ago exited the e-beam welding business), we managed to find Energy Beam Sciences on the web.  They recognized that we were in a bind and even though they had never produced this filament type before, they jumped right in, modified some existing tooling and quickly delivered us filaments that work great!  With their help, we were able to keep our machine up and running and at a cost that was reasonable.

Christopher Robinson
Kaman Fuzing & Precision Products

Superior Service

“I have been working with LabPulse since 2012. Since then, they have provided me with superior service. I would recommend anyone that is considering running an in-office lab to contact LabPulse and let them guide you through the process.”

Garden City, NY

Highly Recommended

“During the process of planning (our Uro-pathology lab) we were lucky to find the folks from LabPulse. LabPulse since that time has been very valuable to our practice for a variety of reasons. They have exceptional customer service. We are very happy to have had that one-on-one relationship to make our lives easier in managing this venture. I would highly recommend LabPulse.”

New Haven, CT

A Great Experience

“We’ve had a great experience with LabPulse right from the get-go. I would highly recommend LabPulse for setting up your lab too.”

Livonia, MI

Well Worth It

“Not only did we use LabPulse for our lab setup, we went back to them for our lab move. They were with us every step of the way and well worth it.”

Houston, TX,

Quick Turnaround

“We provide Histotechnology testing and results to a nationwide client base and in our lab we have a high volume of specimens with a need for a quick turnaround time. When we brought in large numbers of punch biopsies as part of our service we validated the processing procedures to get the best results for our customers. The evaluation was performed using the LabPulse Medical 2850VP Microwave Tissue Processor and compared IPA and Presolve as clearing agents to determine which would best meet our needs. Due to the punch biopsies thickness and fat content the Presolve was our reagent of choice. The pathologists preferred the quality of the specimens with Presolve and we now only use microwave processing for our punch and shave biopsies of skin using the LP2850VP with Presolve as the clearing agent.”

Stephannie Prascher, HT (ASCP) PA
Laboratory Manager Popular Healthcare

The Urology Center

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