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Premium Extended Warranty
Premium Extended Warranty
Premium Extended Warranty

Installation & Training

We have extensive expertise with a broad range of equipment, and not only do we supply to the exact point of use, but we also ensure that it is ready to operate, and that end users are thoroughly educated in its functions. Our astute team of experts and specialists personalize the training and installation to seamlessly integrate into the lab workflow.

We ensure that the entire process is quick and hassle-free while walking you through the best practices for long-term use and optimal efficiency. Our training session caters to your specific requirements and applications so that your investment becomes a true asset right from the start. With our staff, you can rely on decades of knowledge to ensure that all of your questions are responded to.

Validation Package

The EB Sciences programme offers a variety of validation packages to meet your unique needs, such as IQ (Installation Qualification), OQ (Operational Qualification), and PQ (Performance Qualification) and re-qualification.

Our well-trained engineers will guarantee that our tools meet your quality standards through meticulous validation procedures. Laboratory equipment validation is crucial since it ensures that your pharmacopoeia apparatus is generating the accurate results anticipated from analytical testing, which is necessary for conformity with compliance requirements. Our equipment validation may assist in verifying the output of your tools and machines, greatly reducing the possibility of incorrect data and incorrect tests. Because issues that need attention are frequently discovered during the validation process, laboratory equipment validation can also decrease the machine’s outage time. EB Sciences provides a comprehensive end-to-end solution thanks to our commitment to our clients and high standards of quality.

Accessories & Consumables

EB Sciences keeps you informed about the latest system accessories that apply to your projects. These accessories will help your system perform even better. You may quickly identify the specifics of the consumables that need to be changed and get a price using the full list of consumables that is also available on our website, ensuring that your workflow remains unaffected.

Our unique accessories & consumables, which have been meticulously tested by EB Sciences specialists, provide the greatest performance from your appliances. They add immense value to your business since your machines are guaranteed to be dependable and effective. Utilizing genuine accessories & consumables ensures that the performance of your equipment is always of the greatest calibre, boosting overall productivity and profitability.

Remote Support

We use advanced support platforms to remotely help and deliver immediate first aid to reduce your downtime and give quick reaction times. Our application specialist and engineer can take you to our laboratories and direct you to the best practices through a simple phone call. Our remote assistance and problem-solving tools are intended to keep your lab operating at peak efficiency and without hiccups by offering speedy diagnosis and solutions without necessitating physical access to your tools and equipment.

We offer speedy problem-solving so that you can obtain effective repair at a better price. Your inquiry will be directly addressed by our customer service staff. Our engineers and specialists will be able to view and pinpoint the problem, choosing the best course of action for your business.

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