Here at EBSciences, our Electron Microscopy Filaments and Cathodes are high quality and as a result fit many different applications. Find the perfect fit for your equipment here. Many of our products are made in the USA, by our experienced staff.

Benefits of our Electron Microscopy Filaments and Cathodes

  • Fit many different applications
  • AR Loop and Standard loop options available
  • New and Refurbished options available
  • High melting points
  • Low Vapor Pressure
  • And More….

Our Filaments and Cathodes can be used for multiple applications, including our Desktop SEM. Our line of products includes Tungsten filaments, Desktop SEM Filaments, LaB6 Cathodes, and Thermal Field Emitters. We work with you to make sure your order fits the needed application.

Contact us for any information and questions regarding our manufacturing of these pieces, and ordering instructions. Please have all model information and measurements on hand when calling. For information about large volume orders, you can email

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Cameca, Tescan Filaments


AEI, Cambridge, Nanoquest (Vickers), Leica, Leo, Zeiss (EVO) Filament


AMRAY Filaments


Philips, FEI Filament


JEOL (K-type) Filament


Hitachi S-Type Filament with Metal Cartridge (HOC)


Hitachi Filament


Tescan, CamScan Filaments


ISI, Topcon & Pemtron Filaments


Zeiss, Camscan, Tescan Filaments


Filament Rebuild Service for Siemens, Amray 1200, Balscan, Cambridge S-410, CamscScan, ElecroScan – AR Loop


ARL Tungsten Filaments (Copy) (Copy)


ARL Tungsten Filaments


JEOL V-Loop Cartridge for Desktop SEMs

JEOL JSM 35 Series Filaments