Energy Beam Sciences brings high-quality German innovation to the shores of the USA, by introducing the sophisticated American metallography market to Technovit – a reputed and trusted brand that is known for its expertise in the development, production and application technology of high-quality products for use in metallographic testing and sample preparation, along with advanced metallographic preparation methods. 

Technovit’s innovative product range enables you to achieve greater efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and accuracy, with no compromise on quality or precision. 


A wide range of high-quality mounting consumables that are extremely reliable and easy to handle. We help you find the perfect product for your specific requirements – with expertly engineered products that allow for gap-free embedding, transparency, and time-saving, while also providing maximum precision and dimensional stability.


Developed with stringent quality standards, our cutting products satisfy the highest of requirements, and allow the user to achieve extremely precise cutting – thanks to the strength of the binding agent and the quality of the grinding agent. These cut-off wheels are ready to be used on all customary cutting machines and create very fine, precise cuts which reduce all subsequent processing steps.

Obtain accurate and optimal results with the right selection of grinding & polishing consumables, which are designed to give you the highest removal rates, flatness, and edge-sharpness. Our high-quality products provide you with the widest possible range of applications with a streamlined product range with long service lives to ensure an optimal price/performance ratio.


Making impressions that require a high degree of precision has never been easier, thanks to our range of high-quality impression materials that boast of an imprint accuracy of < 0.1 µm. Our innovative range of products are ideal for use in a wide range of applications, across a diverse variety of areas.


We specialize in the development, production and distribution of a wide variety of equipment & accessories for metallographic testing and sample preparation along with advanced metallographic preparation methods. We are constantly innovating in order to provide metallographers with the highest-quality solutions for sample preparation and metallographic testing.


BioDiamant Liquids are high-quality diamond abrasives that can be used without additional lubricants, which leads to consistent, reproducible quality, and translates into significant savings in consumption. These products are more powerful than conventional diamond liquids, and ideal for processing in machines or manually. They pose no risk to health, come with an integrated lubricant, and ready-to-use in a spray bottle.

Our newly developed liquid formulations are N,N-Dimethyl-p-toluidin free, and our newly developed powder formulations are free of phthalates

For our customers, that translates to:

No toxic/teratogenic products
Lower detrimental impact on occupational health
Less environment pollution
Continuous product marketability
No process or documentation changes
Superior product quality for the same price


Browse our product line, and if you do not see what you are looking for or require, we have a solution. Fill out the form below with your specifications or call us directly at (800) 992-9037.

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