Finally! Safely heat paraffin in your microwave!
Patent: US8530808

Paraffin used to be the only step that required a different “mindset” because paraffin does not absorb microwave energy, it required precise pre-heating so the microwave could “maintain,” rather than raise, paraffin temperature. Some users unwittingly omit this important step.

Before PolarHeat™, raising the temperature of paraffin in the microwave was not only time-consuming but risky for patient samples. Excess energy may be absorbed by patient samples, causing artifacts.

With PolarHeat™ sheets, paraffin can, at last, be used at any convenient temperature, for example, 60 ̊C from an auto processor or existing paraffin dispenser. No more need for extra pots or ovens (with additional space, electricity, and purchase cost). 

Users already heating paraffin in the microwave will notice radically reduced wait times; paraffin now heats about as fast as water.

But most important: Patient samples are protected from excess microwave energy! 

PolarHeat™ is a trademark of Energy Beam Sciences Inc.


Protect irreplaceable, fragile specimens

Single-use sheets

Rapid, safe microwave heating of paraffin

Save time and cost inexpensive


Proven technology

Without PolarHeat™

With PolarHeat™

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