TECHNOVIT 4021, 1 x 1.000 g Powder




This powder/liquid system is absolutely odor-free thanks to the absence of methyl methacrylates (MMA), contains NO tetrahydrofurfuryl methacrylate, styrene or similar products and therefore no reprotoxic ingredients. Importance was attached to the use of pollution-reduced constituents also in the choice of the other components.
Technovit 4021 thus satisfies all the relevant requirements for a modern mounting compound Technovit 4021 is a quick product and very efficient thanks to its short polymerisation time of only 5 minutes. Even fine specimen geometries are filled well due to its low viscosity.
Properties and applications
The mixing ratio of 2 parts liquid to 3 parts powder can be set by simple dosing using a measuring spoon – exact weighing is not necessary, but of course possible. That all makes Technovit 4021 a very safe product to use, thus ensuring simple reproducibility for your day-to-day work. Furthermore, the product does not emit any harmful substances and can therefore be used without an extractor hood – ideal for routine mountings e.g. during production.
Thanks to the controlled polymerisation parameters, Technovit 4021 cures almost bubble-free, eliminating the need for a pressure pot.

Technovit 4021 was developed as a universal mounting compound. Moderate polymerisation temperatures and minimum gap formation allow a wide range of preparation applications suitable for a broad spectrum of material specimens.
The easy machining and good abrasion resistance ensure easy, flat specimen preparation with sharp edges for the vast majority of materials. The cleaning of the specimen with water-based or slightly ethanol-based agents is very quick and simple.

That is Technovit 4021:

  • no health risk
  • odor-free
  • quick and uncomplicated
  • bubble-free
  • inexpensive
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