What We Do Here at Energy Beam Sciences

What We Do Here at Energy Beam Sciences

About Us

At Energy Beam Sciences, we design for science. In 1965, we began manufacturing important products that apply electron and microwave energy in devices that have a profound effect on people’s lives.  Products like electron microscope cathodes used in groundbreaking scientific research; electron beam welding filaments used to join jet engine rotor parts so they can safely turn at 15,000 RPM, and laboratory microwave tissue processors that speed cancer diagnostics and improve accuracy. In everything we do, we endeavor to apply science and technology to make the world a better place.

Our product line is comprehensive and state-of-the-art, incorporating the highest quality materials and leading edge production processes into every product for virtually every energy beam application.

Medical equipment and Semiconductor Fabrication materials

Electron Beam Technology

Since 1965, we have specialized in manufacturing filaments, cathodes, apertures and other critical components for most electron beam applications. These include electron microscopy; semiconductor inspection, defect revue and metrology; e-beam welding; vacuum deposition; ion implant, x-ray and more.  From standard electron microscope filaments to highly specialized beam sources and components, we consistently deliver the Products and technology our customers need to excel in their markets.

LabPulse: Histology Specimen Preparation Systems

The world leader in Microwave based Tissue Processors since 1992, LabPulse now offers instruments, accessories, consumables, and services that represent the state-of-the-art in specimen preparation for cancer diagnostics. Our full Labs are the most compact and efficient, full-service laboratories available, with an unrivaled service guarantee of up to 5 years. LabPulse Labs are more productive and reliable than traditional labs, in a compact yet fully scalable design that provides many opportunities for reference labs, physicians and physician networks to offer the best in patient care, while maximizing revenue for their practices.

Electron Microscopy

We offer a comprehensive line of electron sources for Tungsten, LaB6, and Field Emission electron microscopes and electron microscope based tools for every application. We also offer manufacture many of the critical accessories needed to use these systems, such as apertures, specimen mounts, and other accessories. View our Store »

Semiconductor Tool Accessories

For SEM based Metrology, Inspection and Mask Tools we offer high quality OEM alternative components such as Cathodes, Apertures, Gun parts, Scintillators and other specialized components.  We also offer Electron and Ion Sources for a variety of test and production tools.

What We Do Here at Energy Beam Sciences