Technovit 2021 LC FAST


Technovit 2021 LC FAST

MMA-/THF-free Odor-free “Light speed” to perfect results

Technovit 2021 LC FAST is an odor-free, light-curing 1-component resin based on high-molecular special monomers for transparent specimen mountings. Technovit 2021 LC FAST has been developed for fast, transparent mountings in a very wide range of sectors. Perfect for your target preparations.


80 ml sample, 1.000 ml liquid



Technovit 2021 LC FAST Liquid is light-curing and is cured with non-hazardous, visible blue light in the Kulzer Technotray POWER light polymerisation unit. The unlimited pot life allows optimum positioning and infiltration of the specimen. As no mixing is necessary, the material can be processed without losses. The product is very easy to use, so that perfect mountings can be achieved after a short familiarisation period.

Thanks to its special formulation, Technovit 2021 LC FAST does not release gases and therefore does not have to be processed under an extractor hood. The low viscosity of Technovit 2021 LC FAST and the associated mould filling capacity enables the specimen to be stabilised over the whole cross-section and hence optimum preparation.

Technovit 2021 LC FAST cures crystal-clear and bubble-free in just 5 minutes in the Technotray POWER. Due to the large, homogeneously illuminated, sample space of the inexpensive Technotray POWER is a large sample throughput possible with just one polymerization cycle. The good abrasion resistance and low shrinkage ensure simple machining of the specimen surface and excellent
evaluation under the microscope.


Position the specimen on the bottom of a Kulzer mounting mould
Fix it, if necessary, using Technovit 2000 LC fixing paste
Place the cylinder of the mounting mould on the bottom
Fill the mould with Technovit 2021 LC FAST
If necessary infiltration under vacuum
Start polymerization in Technotray POWER for 5 minutes


Free from tetrahydrofuranes (THF) and methyl methacrylates (MMA)
Pollutant-reduced, free from CMR substances
No material losses (1-component material)
Very easy to use
Practically unlimited processing time
Very good flow properties and vacuum-compatible
No gas emissions, no extractor hood required
Quick and controlled curing
Low gap formation
No bubble formation
Optimum transparency
Resistant to alcohols and acids
Use under SEM possible
Polymerises under blue light without harmful UV light
Large sample throughput possible